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Welcome to CedarLight Grove, a Druid fellowship located in Baltimore, Maryland. Please read through our Overview to see what we're about. Don't forget to stop by the Events section to pay us a visit at one of our many welcoming gatherings. Stay if ye will, Go if ye must. Hail and Welcome!

Latest Updates
December 10th, 2014
Amy Fleming

Dave & Busters Rescheduled & Upcoming Events

Germies have taken over this week, so we have had to make a last-minute cancellation of our Dave & Busters field trip.  We apologize to anyone who may have tried to meet us.

It is being rescheduled for the same times and place next week. See below for details.

Upcoming Events:

Sunday 12/14: In-Person Witan Meeting and Final Yule Planning after Walk With the Old Ones

Wednesday 12/17: Double the Field Trip, Double the Fun!

Dave and Buster’s Game 1/2 price game night in Arundel Mills. Meet at the Grove to carpool/caravan at 6:30 or meet us there at 7:15. Here is a link to their address and website:
Hobbit Movie: 10:30pm showing in Arundel Mills

Saturday 12/20: Yule High Rite

The main ritual starts at 4:30 pm,  but please arrive no later than 3pm so that you won’t miss the 3:30 pre-ritual brief. Check the event pages at and for the latest information on offerings, the auction, and other planned activities.

Sunday 12/21: There will be no Walk with the Old Ones service as we will just be leaving from our Yule vigil.

December 4th, 2014
Amy Fleming

Cleaning, and Crafting, and Gaming, Oh My!

Tonight (Thursday 12/4) is craft night at the Grove, starting at 7pm. Bring a craft and some munchies and we’ll see you there! Salt dough ornaments, anyone?

Sunday 12/7: Come and join us and bring some elbow grease as we have a Cleaning Party for the upstairs apartment after WWtOO! There’s lots to clean and prime and we can use all hands! 

Wednesday 12/10: Dave and Buster’s Game 1/2 price game night in Arundel Mills. Meet at the Grove to carpool/caravan at 6:30 or meet us there at 7:15. Here is a link to their address and website:

November 18th, 2014
Amy Fleming

Upcoming Events

This Sunday, Nov. 23, we will be having a Frigga and Handmaidens Roundtable Workshop and Journey starting at 1pm after WWtOO.

On Monday (11/24)at 7 PM, there is an online Witan meeting in Google Hangouts. The agenda is posted here:

The following week (11/30), we will focus on decorating for Yule after WWtOO.


September 26th, 2014
Amy Fleming

Upcoming Weekend Events


Oct. 12: Walk with the Old Ones is CANCELLED. CLG is closed for annual Rennfaire outing. Folks will be meeting at CLG to carpool. See:

Oct. 19: Cemetery Clean Up Day – leave from CLG after WWtOO around 1:45. Bring work gloves and weed whackers. I don’t think we have any downed trees to worry about this year at least, so it shouldn’t take several days.

Oct. 26: Final Samhain Planning Day! We’re going to have a run-through for the High Rite (think of it like a rehearsal) so everyone understands what their roles are and we clarify any questions. This may morph into Cemetery Clean Up Day part 2.

August 20th, 2014
Amy Fleming

Adam Davis Workshops

Join us this week for 2 workshops given by Adan Davis.

The first workshop, Deepening Relationships with Nature, is a field trip to Patapsco State Park – Cascade Falls Trail on Saturday, August 23 from 1-3PM. Here is the description: Let us gather to explore and enhance our connections with the land! You are invited to join us in learning new techniques from one another and then using them to experience the richness of nature’s energies in the Baltimore area. We will meet at the Cascades Trailhead in the parking area accessible from US route 1. See Facebook event page here:

The second workshop about local Nature Spirits will be held at CedarLight Center after Walk with the Old Ones on Sunday. “Working with Land Energies” -We meet at CLG to discuss ways of working with nature’s magic and to engage with local nature spirits in an alchemical way. This gathering is an opportunity to further enhance our overall nature awareness and our ability to work with sacred landscapes. We can continue relationships with specific beings as energies as well as open to new ones. We begin at 1pm and will organically wander through states of nature connection, possibly shifting geographically through the Maryland Landscape.” Suggested donation is $10.



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