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Welcome to CedarLight Grove, a Druid fellowship located in Baltimore, Maryland. Please read through our Overview to see what we're about. Don't forget to stop by the Events section to pay us a visit at one of our many welcoming gatherings. Stay if ye will, Go if ye must. Hail and Welcome!

Latest Updates
April 12th, 2014
Amy Fleming

Sunday 4/13 and Sunday 4/20

Tomorrow (4/13) at Cedarlight Grove: Rites of Caffeina at 10am, Walk With the Old Ones at 11:30am, Ritual planning until 12:55, Yoga class at 1pm (Bring your mat, a towel, and $10 donation :D) followed by more ritual planning. (Beltaine and Trillium) See you there!

Sunday April 20: Most of us will be at Trillium and several others have work and/or family holiday obligations, so the building (and therefore kitchen and bathrooms) will not be available, but a few members plan on holding WWtOO in the sanctuary/pavilion at 11:30.

March 5th, 2014
Taryn Lyon

Dedicant Study Hall

Come study with the Druids! This Saturday, March 8th, we’ll be running an all day study hall for any ADF members who are working on their study programs and would like to study with like minded people. Our library will be open for students to research from and we will have several people available who have already completed their Dedicants Program to help with questions and queries.

Though our itinerary revolves around the Dedicants Program, Druids working on any study program are welcome to join us to ruminate on their studies.

Doors open at 11:30am. The first workshop begins at noon:

12 noon: Two Powers Meditation and Discussion
2pm: MLA Style Crash Course
4pm: Quick and Dirty Book Reports
6pm: Dedication Ritual Discussion

Come with your questions! We’ll be happy to add mini-workshops and discussions as students request them. We also request that, since we’ll be here all day, students bring a food dish to share.

Suggested donations are $10.

RSVP on our Facebook page here:

February 3rd, 2014
Amy Fleming

Calendar Issue

Hi everyone,

I wanted to apologize for the calendar issue and for the poor folks that tried to come up today when we were ‘closed’. Somehow all of the Sundays have 2 Rites of Caffeina posted. When I edited the 2014 calendar a few weeks ago, the editing mode only shows one listing. So when I went to delete all the Rites of Caffeina and Walk With the Old Ones from the days after High Rites (since we don’t have service the Sundays after High Rites) it looked like they were gone.  (And it editing mode it still looks gone.) We will figure out the problem and get them deleted. I will also make sure to put reminders here and on Facebook the week of each High Rite to remind people that we are closed that Sunday. Sorry again and thanks for being patient while this new scribe learns the ropes.


January 27th, 2014
Amy Fleming

Luna’s House Fundraiser

This Imbolc, we are collecting money to donate to Luna’s House, an animal rescue that we have donated to in the past. Please check out their Website (below) and bring along a donation to Imbolc. We will have something set up near the Dagda’s cauldron. Thanks!

January 27th, 2014
Amy Fleming

High Rites for the Next Year

Here are our High Rites for the next year:

Ostara- March 22
Beltane – May 3
Midsummer – June 21
Lughnasadh – August 2
Mabon – Sept. 13
Samhain – Nov. 1
Yule – Dec. 20
Imbolc – Jan. 31, 2015

**Dates are subject to change. Announcements and more information about each event will be posted here and on are Website as each High Rite approaches.

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